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How to port boot.img without PC

Hello Everyone, I’ll show you how to Unpack and Repack your Phone’s Boot.img & Tweak Karnel. Lets start.
Make a new folder named “boot edit” in cache/
Pull your boot.img in this folder
Now open ApkToolLong press on “cache“,  click on Get Access Permission.
Open cache folder and do same with boot edit. Give ApkTool access permission
Open boot edit, click on boot.img select Expack(MT65xx), press ok
It will unpack your boot.img.
Now open file manager & go to cache/boot edit/.  You wil find your unpacked boot.
Now edit/modify the files or tweak karnel.
Again open ApkTool. Goto cache/boot edit click on ramdisk select repack-mt65xx.
It will repack your boot.
You will find an img file named new.img
This file is your Tweaked/edited/custom boot.img!!
Flash it via Recovery or Flashify & Enjoy..

Contact me: Tusher Biswas

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